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Enjoy free downloads of books focusing on biblical meditation giving you the opportunity to spend time alone with God. Make the most of free Bible studies and learn more about how to go deeper in your Bible reading. And entertain and guide children with puzzles, games and free audio readings from author Alexa Tewkesbury.

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Free chapters of 7 Laws for Life by Selwyn Hughes

For the opportunity to go deeper and explore some of the topics covered in these chapters, watch these encouraging videos with Mick Brooks.

For children

Stories from Topz Gospels, by Alexa Tewkesbury

The whole Topz Gang imagines they are back in Bible times. They play games, explore the area where Jesus lived and listen to Him tell stories to the crowds. Best of all, they get to witness special miracles and learn the meaning behind some of their favourite Bible stories found in the Gospel of Matthew. Listen above or download the audio.

There are some things Benny just wants to know everything about. The thing he most wants to know about? Jesus. The most amazing Man to have ever lived.

What would life have been like back in Bible times? What would Jesus say and do? Benny imagines the Topz Gang back in the times of Jesus. They meet other children living in that time and even get to see Jesus telling people about God and doing miracles!

Listen above or download the audio.

Do you know a child with a lot of questions, or another with a great imagination? This recording of Topz Gospels Luke answers questions about Jesus’ miracles.

Did Zacchaeus really climb up that tree? What was it like in Mary and Martha’s house? How did Jesus heal a blind man? Enjoy learning with Josie and her Topz friends about adventures in Luke’s Gospel. Listen above or download the audio.

The more Paul reads about Jesus in the Bible, the more he likes to imagine himself and his Topz Gang friends back in Bible times. This time they are in the Gospel of John.

Join the gang as they witness the amazing story of Lazarus and other miracles of Jesus. Through hearing Jesus’ stories in the Gospel of John, the whole Gang get to know and understand Him so much more.. Listen above or download the audio.

Sparky Smart from Priory Park, by Alexa Tewkesbury

The Crinkly Cousins Come to Stay

Alexa Tewkesbury reads, ‘The Crinkly Cousins Come to Stay,’ from her entertaining book The Crinkly Cousins and other mishaps. Children will love listening to Sparky getting into all sorts of relatable scenes of family mischief as they laugh along with Alexa’s engaging narration of life with the Smart family. Listen above or download the audio.

The Wrong Toilet

Enjoy the hilarious story of Sparky and her brother Stanley’s trip to the cinema, where glasses get lost, someone ends up in the wrong toilet and Sparky remembers to ask God for help as things don’t go to plan. Take some time out to listen to Alexa Tewkesbury as she reads ‘The Wrong Toilet’ . Listen above or download the audio.

Grandad Jelly Legs

Sparky Smart lands the role of props assistant for a play, and her grandad is volunteering alongside her. When things inevitably go wrong, Sparky has to step up and use her quick thinking brain. Enjoy listening to Alexa as she reads her story of ‘Grandad Jelly Legs’ and find out if Sparky can save the play, and save the day! Listen above or download the audio.

For children aged 3-6 – Meet Pens

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